Pet Problems, Hard to Clean Carpet Stains, And Services You Should Call

carpet cleaning services springfield il, carpet care springfield il, carpet repair springfield ilEveryone loves having fresh, and clean carpets all the time, but keeping them pristine is a challenge for homemakers.  Life just happens and when it lands on your floors, many times it leaves a stain. 


Did you know that carpeting can hold four times its weight in dirt? Unfortunately, dirt isn’t the only thing our pets can track into the house. While dirt and grime can be visible on our carpeting and rugs, allergens and bacteria are invisible.   

Common allergens such as pollen and dust can get trapped in carpet, causing allergic reactions to occur. Carpets with long fibers, such as shag rugs, can harbor more irritants than low-pile carpets do.

Fecal matter and its associated germs like E.coli can get into our homes onto our rugs on pets’ paws and our shoes. Pets choose a spot to vomit– sometimes right in the middle of the room, sometimes hidden in a corner. The caustic stomach acids can also stain and damage carpet fibers. Plus pet stains often have a strong odor that can be neutralized with the correct cleaning products. 

Grass and Mud

Pets and kids can track grass clippings, dirt and mud onto your carpeting and rugs.  Dirt can be a pain to remove from your carpets, but it’s even worse when wet. Mud, because of it’s sometimes liquid properties, can reach further depths in your carpet than dry dirt alone, making it even harder to remove from carpets. Once mud and grass stains settle on carpet fibers, the abrasive properties can tear and cut the carpet fibers, wearing them down. 

Whether it’s Springfield’s wintery slush or spring mud, this mix can get deeply embedded. It’s a good idea to have your carpeting and rugs cleaned professionally every six months– more often depending on the soil type of your yard. 

Other Tough Carpet Stains

  • Spilled Coffee  (or coffee grounds)
  • Kool-Aid and other artificially colored liquids.
  • Paint: latex, oil based, acrylic 
  • Fat, Wax, and Oil
  • Chewing Gum 
  • Red Wine (Or Balsamic Vinegar)
  • Ink: ballpoint pen, ink cartridge, ink spillage from your printer
  • Blood 
  • Mud

All-Pro Floor Cleaning Services Springfield

The professional carpet cleaners at All-Pro will evaluate your stains and address each differently. Some stains respond well to absorbent compounds (dry cleaning.) Other stains require a combination of specific chemical solutions and hot water at high pressure penetrates carpet fibers, breaking down the dirt and bacteria stored deep within. 

Between the information you give us when booking your appointment  and the onsite assessment when the technicians analyze the carpets, you can trust the team to recommend the best option. Not only will we determine which procedures, techniques, and products to use, but we will also explain the results of our audit (if you want us to).   

Since 2004, the team has been dedicated to clean homes and healthy families. At All-Pro Floor Care our carpet cleaning services experts at All Pro Floor care believe that a healthy house starts with clean carpets. Improve the look and feel of your carpet plus the quality of the air you breathe in your home today.