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Pet Odor Treatments

pet odor and stain removalAre you a pet owner? Dogs, cats, and other animals bring a lot of joy to our lives, but they can also wreak havoc on our carpets. If you have pets you may know all too well that pet stains and odors can be tough to remove. Fortunately, All-Pro Floor Care is here to help!

Our experts know exactly what need to be done to remove tough pet stains and odors. While your pet stains may be visible on the surface of your carpets, the real problem can be found deep within your carpet fibers and padding.

When you attempt to clean pet stains you may notice that the stain may disappear but the odor continues to linger. Surface cleaning  a pet stain isn’t going to completely resolve your issue. The pet urine tends to contaminate the carpet padding and the flooring underneath.

We Neutralize Pet Odors

Pet stain and odor removal can require specialized cleaning, well beyond a simple blot and spray treatment. The longer the stain goes untreated, the more likely the odor is to penetrate deeper into your floors, walls, and upholstery. As the pet urine starts to dry it leaves behind urine crystals that become more concentrated and sharp. Our professionals use a specialized solution that is designed to eliminate pet odors at the source.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed!

All-Pro understands that your family’s lovable pet can be your carpet’s worst enemy. Our pet odor and pet stain removal treatment comes with a 100% guarantee! When mistakes happen it’s time to call All-Pro. We can neutralize the damage that will occur if left untreated.