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Residential Carpet Cleaning

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For over a decade, All-Pro Floor Care has been helping families improve the appearance and feel of their homes one carpet cleaning at a time. Your carpet acts like “filter” in your home. Carpet fibers attract particulates and contaminants and hold them in place. Just like any filter, it needs to be cleaned. When your carpets are full of particulates and contaminants, not only do they start to look dirty and dingy, they are no longer able to keep the particulates and contaminants from becoming airborne.

Do You Suffer From Allergies or Health Issues Like Asthma and Eczema?

Professional carpet cleaning is one of the key elements to a healthy indoor environment.  A dirty and dusty carpet can contribute to your allergies and other health issues if they are not kept clean. The allergens found in your carpets fibers can trigger other illnesses that can negatively affect your health. Our professionals can evaluate your particular needs, and with the best equipment and proper cleaning techniques, we can improve the look and feel of your carpet and the quality of air you breathe in your home.

Our Carpet-Cleaning Process Includes:

At All-Pro Floor Care we believe that a healthy house starts with clean carpets and that is why we use the hot water extraction cleaning method. Hot water extraction (HWE) is the preferred carpet cleaning method recommended by most carpet manufacturers, including Shaw Industries, the largest manufacturer of carpet in the world.  Because our professionals use the HWE method your carpets are completely dry within 1 to 2 hours.