Water Damage Restoration

Time is critical and we’ll be there when you need us!

There are few things more stress-inducing than experiencing water damage in your home or business. Not only can it be a structurally damaging situation, but it can also pose a serious risk to your health and safety. 

Trust the experts at All-Pro to help you conquer water damage. Our “no conflict” model for handling the water mitigation portion of your loss means less demolition to walls and ceilings. We focus on drying as much material in-place as can be safely done so you can get back to normal sooner.

Trust All-Pro To Handle Your Water Damage


We use the latest technology and approved methods to clean up all types of water losses. Rapid response, proven techniques and highly trained technicians means complete water mitigation and structural drying.


Our water damage technicians will monitor and control a balanced temperature that inhibits bacterial growth and promotes safe, effective drying. Effectively removing humidity from the air prevents further damage and health hazards.


Our goal is to exceed your expectations and return your property and your life to normal as quickly and safely as possible. We provide onsite estimates so you know the extent of loss before the work begins.

We've Got You Covered

Some of the most common water related losses that we respond to are:

  • Flooded basements due to sump pump failure
  • Broken water lines/pipes
  • Leaking water supply lines to toilets
  • Refrigerator ice maker lines leaking

All of these are easily repairable using the experts at All-Pro Floor Care’s water damage division.

Think Twice Before Attempting DIY Water Removal

Water damage is not something you should attempt to deal with on your own. The only action you should be taking is to prevent the damage from worsening until the professionals arrive. This includes stopping the source of the leak.

While you may feel like hiring a water damage professional is unnecessary, it’ll save you time, money and unnecessary stress in the long run. At All-Pro, our team of licensed professionals have undergone extensive training and use advanced equipment to deal with water damage in a safe and effective manner, ensuring your property is restored quickly while preventing issues such as mold growth from occuring.  


Call Now

Water damage can’t wait. We’ll arrive on site immediately.


Full Cleanup & Repairs

We do everything from water removal to necessary repairs.



You can relax knowing your home or business is safe once again.

The All-Pro Promise

With All-Pro, you never have to worry about dealing with a water damage issue on your own. We strive to go above and beyond to make sure your property is properly cared for. Our proven cleaning and restoration methods will ensure your return to a safe home or business environment following a disaster. 

You shouldn’t have to settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your property. All-Pro works hard to guarantee your satisfaction, and we’ll treat your property as if it were our own. Contact us immediately if you are experiencing water damage to get help now!

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