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Water Damage Restoration

water damage Time is critical and we’ll be there when you need us!

Our “no conflict” model for handling the water mitigation portion of your loss means less demolition to walls and ceilings. We focus on drying as much material in place as can be safely done.

Some of the most common water related losses that we respond to are:

  • Flooded basements due to sump pump failure
  • Broken water lines/pipes
  • Leaking water supply lines to toilets
  • Refrigerator ice maker lines leaking

All of these are easily repairable using the experts at All-Pro Floor Care’s water damage division.


We use the latest technology and approved methods to clean up all categories of water losses, including sewer back-up, flooding and broken pipes. Rapid response, proven techniques and highly trained technicians mean a complete job of water mitigation and structural drying.


Our Specialist will monitor and control a balanced temperature that inhibits bacterial growth and promotes safe, effective drying. Effectively removing humidity from the air prevents further damage and health hazards.

Customer Satisfaction

A loss event is traumatic experience. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and return your property and your life to normal as quickly and safely as possible.  We provide onsite estimates to you know the extent of the loss before we begin the work.

We work with all major insurance companies although the homeowner is responsible for the deductible.